Blog of the International Sociological Association (ISA)


This blog emerged from the meeting of the CNA (Council of National [Sociological] Associations) in Taipei (March 23-25, 2009) where we discussed the challenges of building a global sociology in an unequal world, especially those emanating from the privatization of research and global auditing of universities. You can view a short film of the conference as well as the papers delivered. This blog takes the project forward by developing an account of the specific challenges faced by universities around the world. To meet threats to higher education, particularly in the social sciences, now occurring everywhere — albeit in different permutations – we are building global communities of concerned academics. That’s what we are trying to do through the ISA network, connecting sociologists from all corners of the planet.  If you want to post a contribution, dealing with your own university, wherever you may be, then send it to Michael Burawoy <>. Or you can contribute directly with your own comments on someone else’s post.  This blog was designed by Annie Lin.